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Michelin star in Murcia

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Michelin star in Murcia

The region of Murcia is undoubtedly a perfect destination to discover and enjoy gastronomy, as it has exquisite products, unique to this area. In addition, its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea offers us all kinds of fish and shellfish characteristic of this sea; as well as its mountains, of which the meat of pork, lamb, rabbit and hare stands out; and its famous orchard, from which hundreds of varieties of vegetables and fruits are obtained, which makes it a region with the most varied and fresh gastronomy, this being one of the reasons why there is more than one Michelin star in Murcia.

You will find the best raw materials in the dishes of the bars and restaurants you go to, whether you are in the capital or in any of its towns. you will be surprised by gastronomy Murcia.

The gastronomy of Murcia is influenced by other communities such as Andalusia, Valencia and La Mancha, adding its own, of Roman origin. In its dishes, vegetables stand out, especially peppers and tomatoes, rice, salted meats... It can be said that it is a traditional cuisine, but it has been modernized, proof of this, the menus of the great restaurants Michelin star in Murcia that bet on avant-garde techniques and products that have denomination of origin. In this way, haute cuisine restaurants have been created in this region, offering different proposals and surprising diners.

Come and enjoy the gastronomy of this autonomous community with the seal of the best chefs in the country, in one of our restaurants. Michelin star in Murcia. If you like to eat well, do not think about it and visit us.

We are now going to tell you the 3 Michelin star restaurants Murcia.

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Michelin star restaurants Murcia

The varied gastronomy of the region of Murcia and its quality in raw materials has helped to create several Michelin star restaurants Murcia, and it is that this guide is famous for granting from one to three stars to those restaurants that have the parameters that their judges consider, among them, the quality, the effort they put into their dishes and of course, the creativity.

Today,  the Autonomous Community of Murcia has three Michelin star restaurants:

  • Cabaña Buenavista Restaurant: this is located in the Buenavista urbanization, in El Palmar, a district of approximately 24 inhabitants that belongs to the municipality of Murcia, being the restaurant with the most Michelin stars of Murcia, specifically two, one that he received in 2009 and the second, in 2017. Comment that he also has three Suns from the Repsol Guide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It opened its doors in 2004 and as its name suggests, it is located inside a beautiful rustic cabin. Since its inception, under the direction of chef Pablo García Conejero, michelin star chef from murcia,  that tries to make its guests enjoy through an unforgettable experience with its elaborate dishes, which it presents in a fantastic menu made up of 15 appetizers, 3 dishes, cheeses, 2 desserts, petit fours and amenities that has a price of 145 euros, taking into account Note that the drink is separate. This menu is served in a curious way, as if it were a journey through the farm, starting with the orchard and continuing through the garden, until reaching the cabin. It is a very creative, personal proposal, in which chef Pablo and his entire team offer modern and elegant cuisine, using the highest quality raw materials, carrying out the best of the gastronomy of their land, with products autochthonous They present a signature cuisine, of great creativity and complexity, which seeks to make every diner go back to their memories with each bite.
  • Odysseus Restaurant: It is located on Avenida Juan de Borbón 224-2, on the outskirts of Murcia, inside a very curious leisure building, which stands out for its very colorful decoration, imitating the depths of the sea, where there is a nightclub, a swimming pool , a theater and even a casino. The restaurant in particular is located on the second floor and is divided into different environments. The decoration is surreal, full of color and both the room and the terrace seem like precious oases where you can enjoy the tranquility. Also comment, that you can witness from the gastronomic bar how the team prepares each dish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This is another Michelin star restaurants Murcia, specifically, in 2020 and also has a sun from the Repsol Guide, in addition to the fact that chef Nazario Cano already received a star in 2017 at the El Rodat restaurant in Alicante. This chef from Alicante is the creator of an extensive menu in which Mediterranean products stand out, above all, fish and shellfish so typical of the area, although he does not forget meat in his dishes. His cuisine is traditional but updated, elegant, original, daring, with touches of fusion and high quality. In the Odiseo restaurant, they have several menu options for groups and a varied menu of food and drinks. Come and try this restaurant Michelin star in Murcia!

Food from Michelin star restaurants in Murcia.

  • Magoga Restaurant: It is located in the historic square where the Cartagena vegetable market was located years ago, in the Dr. Vicente García Marcos square.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This restaurant is the result of the great work and effort of chef María Gómez, born in Fuente Álamo (1987), who, even as a child, was amazed when she saw her grandmother cooking and tried her dishes. She studied and passed through the Karlos Arguiñano school and also through the Basque Culinary Center, but in addition, she was in the kitchen of El Bulli and Arzak, returning years later to her homeland to succeed. Here she, together with her husband, opened the Magoga restaurant in 2014, which stands out for perfectly updated traditional dishes. They use seasonal products from the Murcia region: fish, shellfish, rice, fruit and vegetables from Campo de Cartagena..., thus promoting local produce and making diners discover the essence of Cartagena's gastronomy in their dishes. In short, both María Gómez and her husband (Adrián de Marcos) have managed to recover recipes from their ancestors, managing to obtain the flavors and techniques of the culinary roots of this autonomous community. The restaurant offers a varied menu, with an à la carte menu that varies between €40 and €90 and a tasting menu priced at €120 and €200 with wine. Comment that they have a large selection of wines to accompany their delicious dishes. They have been awarded as one of the Michelin star restaurants Murcia, specifically in 2019, in addition to having other awards such as two Repsol Suns.

These are the three restaurants with Michelin star in Murcia, who have been fighting for these years to maintain them and move forward, surpassing themselves more and more and making our Mediterranean cuisine even stronger.

Also comment that there are two restaurants in this region that bet on the Michelin star in about 2 or 3 years. One is a restaurant in the port of Cartagena, called Al viento, and the restaurant The Plazita of the Atrio del Mar hotel in Los Alcázares headed by chef Javier Conejero.

As you can see, Murcian gastronomy is a real pleasure for the most exquisite palates, therefore, we recommend you make a mandatory stop, and discover one of these fantastic restaurants, they will surprise you!

Michelin star in Murcia.

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