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International week of the garden and the sea

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International week of the garden and the sea

La international week of the garden and the sea It is a curious festival that is celebrated in various areas of the autonomous community of Murcia and on different dates. In this traditional festival, the relationship between the garden and the sea is celebrated, two essentials of this region, which are well present in its delicious cuisine. 

I tell you in advance, that this is a party that you cannot miss. 

La international week of the garden and the sea is one of Parties of Los Alázares, not to say, one of the most important, which was declared of regional tourist interest on January 14, 1986. It was born specifically, in 1971 to confirm the great union that has always existed between the Murcian orchard and its sea, it is a tribute to Mediterranean gastronomy, typical of this area of ​​Spain. 

And… now you will ask yourself,when is the side of the garden? Is party Los Alcazares Murcia It is celebrated in summer, in the second fortnight of August, turning the entire town into a hive of cultures, where music and colors are not lacking, thanks to the various folk groups, not only regional, but also national and international, that They spend these days in the municipality and liven up its streets non-stop.

The main objective of the international week of the garden and the sea in Los Alcázares, is to achieve unity between all cultures without losing the essence of the garden and the sea, typical of this municipality of Murcia. Is festival of the Alcázares Murcia, has a cultural, costumbrista and, of course, gastronomic character, being a good example of a peaceful festival among the numerous visitors from the five continents, who attend each year.

Some of the characteristics of these festivities is that the popular games of Murcia are represented, with championships of dominoes, parcheesi, barter, caliche, bowling... Likewise, there are several peñas orchards that are responsible for setting up their stalls in the Parque de las Peñas Huertanas, offering a wide variety of traditional dishes from the Murcian cuisine. Also, the folkloric groups stand out, which as we have mentioned before, come from different parts of the world, making their traditional music known among the hundreds of huertanos who attend this great event. In this way, during this week, Los Alcázares becomes a totally universal town in which there is no lack of festivals, theatrical performances of traditional images of the town, in short, a fusion of folklore, gastronomy, music and theater, which gives place to a huge party in which not only the traditions of this town are made known, but also, the respect that must be had towards other cultures, through peace, is remembered.

Now that you know everything about what is the side of the garden in Los Alcázares and how this whole party unfolds, we are going to tell you its story, we think that a little general culture never hurts!

Vegetables, one of the symbols of the International Week of the Garden and the Sea.

History of the side of the garden

La history of the side of the garden arises in the nineteenth century because the families of the orchards of Murcia, went every August to Los Alázares to take the nine baths of the ancestral rite of the novenas, which coincides with the lunar cycle. And it is that according to the legend that has always been told in this area, it is said that Alfonso X the Wise made his wife Doña Violante bathe in the waters of the Mar Menor, to put an end to his problem of not being able to have an heir. According to the reading, the novena baths took effect and the king's wife became pregnant.

All this tradition occurred in the period in which the work in the field finished and the huertanos left their work to go to the beaches of the Mar Menor. The orchard families on the eve of the day of the Virgin, which is August 15, prepared their cars with everything they were going to need during their well-deserved vacations, undertaking the trip at sunset.

As a result of the history of the side of the garden and to give recognition to this old custom that still continues, the municipality of Los Alcázares decided to establish the international week of the garden and the sea, being held for the first time in 1972 and gradually becoming one of the most prominent Los Alcazares festivities.

Many editions of this great party Los Alcazares Murcia and it is that its own organizers say that it is a cultural, gastronomic, customs festival and a key example of peaceful coexistence with people of different origins and cultures.

With this festival it is also possible to maintain what is native, what is ours, our roots and make them known through gastronomy, folklore, crafts, our dialect (the panocho)...

In short, you are Los Alcázares festivities They are days full of joy, color, music, culture in which it is remembered the displacement of the orchard families to this coastal town, every August since the XNUMXth century, and as you can see, there has always been that relationship between la huerta and Los Alcázares, because even today a large influx of summer visitors from the huerta arrives in this town.

What do you think? Curious, right? Did you think there wasn't parties in los alcazares so funny how is it? Well, you see, in this town of Murcia on the shores of the Mar Menor, we have everything, even big parties, so we encourage you to spend this summer and stay at our Hotel Atrio del Mar, so that you know closely the international week of the garden and the sea, you will have a great time!

Typical dances of the international week of the garden and the sea.
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