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Green routes region of Murcia

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Green routes region of Murcia

We suggest you do some of the 4 routes at your leisure, discovering the main attractions of the area: greenways region of Murcia, where you can admire kilometers of paths with beautiful landscapes that will surprise you. These Murcia greenways You can explore them on foot, by bike, or on horseback, you decide. And it is that, this region is perfect for lovers of hiking, nature and the outdoors, so... why not enjoy it?

Before going on to explain the different greenways region of Murcia, we are going to tell you what they are exactly. The Murcia greenways They are some old routes where the railway passed, which are not currently used and are used as itineraries to be traveled on foot or practicing some sport.

Not only in Murcia, but also in other areas of Spain, there are greenways, and it is that of 7.600 kilometers of railway lines, 2.600 km have been reconditioned, giving rise to 123 Vías Verdes, 4 of them located in Murcia.

For the creation of these trails, the old railway lines have been used, thus offering a simple path for all those who want to enjoy themselves through them. Also comment, that these greenways region of Murcia They have been carried out respecting the environment, since it has not been damaged or built on the environment in question, so it is a project that supports sustainable tourism.

We recommend doing these routes in autumn or spring, due to the mild temperatures of these seasons, although you can do them at any time of the year, since the climate of the region of Murcia is mild, but yes, avoid the month of August or the rainy days.

These tours have become ideal ways to enjoy the richness that nature offers us, the outdoors, healthy leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, running, horseback riding... and even perfect Sunday plans or vacation days to spend in family or with friends, because... who doesn't like to escape to the tranquility of nature, after routine stress, breathe fresh air and do a little sport? This is the perfect formula to start on a Monday or after a vacation. In addition, as the entry of motor vehicles is not allowed, the safety of the little ones is assured.

In short, the greenways region of Murcia they are the perfect destination for any lover of sports and the environment, besides that they are of the best hiking trails in Murcia, so… do you dare to discover its 4 ways? 

Copyright © Consortium of the Greenways of the Region of Murcia, https://www.viasverdesregiondemurcia.es/informacion/7/el-consorcio-de-vias-verdes-region-de-murcia.html, consulted on March 7 of 2022.

Greenway field of Cartagena

one of the 4 greenways region of Murcia is greenway field of Cartagena, which like all the greenways, has been conditioned taking advantage of the railway tracks (as we have mentioned previously), specifically, these are the ones that went from Totana to Cartagena, being today a trail of 51 kilometers (the second Murcia greenway in terms of length) in which to discover the different landscapes of the area.

To start this route, you have to go to the Totana railway station, taking advantage if you wish, to get to know its old town and visit the Santa Eulalia sanctuary and the Bastida site. Next, we must leave behind the forests of the Sierra Espuña Natural Park, characterized by the Mediterranean forest, entering further into the arid countryside of Cartagena.

In the first kilometers there is a large extension of orchards and plantations, where you can see the farmers taking care of them or harvesting them, and around kilometer 12 you pass by the El Romeral station. A little further on, at kilometer 20, the old Mazarrón line joined, specifically at La Pinilla station. Tell you that right at this point, you start to follow the greenway that goes to Mazarrón.

If you continue along the path, you arrive in Cartagena, but first you have to pass through the urban center of Fuente Álamo de Murcia, since the road ends in this area. Afterwards, the route is lost again due to the presence of a factory, but you have to continue parallel to the road and the last important town you will pass through will be La Aljorra, arriving at your destination, Los Dolores, in Cartagena. 

Once in Cartagena, you can spend a few hours and visit it, it will surprise you!

So that you do not get lost at any time, we leave you the most important points of this tour of the greenway field of Cartagena: Totana, El Romero, Reception Area RM-E11, La Pinilla, Campillo de Arriba, Fuente Álamo, Casa Grande – Sabic, La Aljorra, Taibilla – RM E18, Cartagena – Los Dolores

Northwest Greenway

Another hiking trails in Murcia is  northwest greenway, this is the longest of the 4 routes, with 78 kilometers. Its route runs from the old railway tracks that went from Murcia to Caravaca de la Cruz, offering a perfect path for all lovers of cycling, hiking or horse riding, showing us a most varied landscape.

La northwest greenway starts at the University Campus (Espinardo-Murcia), goes through the famous orchard of Murcia, and continues through landscapes irrigated by the Mula River. Likewise, you can enjoy the cultural heritage of the different towns that will be discovered during the tour. Comment that on the way, you will find hostels and rest areas to gather strength.

This is one of the hiking trails region of Murcia, which has a greater variety of landscapes, you can see from desert areas or lunar landscapes, mountains, to valleys, cultivation areas, pine forests, almond trees...

As for the municipalities through which the northwest Greenway, These are: Murcia, Molina de Segura, Alguazas, Campos del Río, Albudeite, Mula, Bullas, Cehegín, until reaching Caravaca de la Cruz. We advise you to stop at each of them to learn a little more about our cultural heritage.

As well We want to tell you that following this route, at the height of Molina de Segura, you will find yourself on the final stretch of the Camino de Levante, a pilgrimage route to Caravaca de la Cruz, recognized worldwide as a holy place.

We leave you here the stages in which this route is divided:

  • Stage 1. From the Espinardo Campus (Murcia) to Alguazas (10 Km.) 
  • Stage 2. From Alguazas to Mula (25 Km.) 
  • Stage 3. From Mula to Bullas (23 Km.)
  • Stage 4. From Bullas to Caravaca de la Cruz (22 Km.)

The final destination of this Murcia greenway It is the city of Caravaca de la Cruz, so you can take the opportunity to get to know it.

Path of one of the greenways region of Murcia.
Copyright © Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism and Sports. Institute of Tourism, https://www.viasverdesregiondemurcia.es/, consulted on March 7, 2022.

Mazarrón Greenway

This route of Mazarrón greenway It is the one that takes advantage of the old road where the train went from Pinilla to Mazarrón, also forming part of the route that would link Cartagena and Águilas, but which never ended. The journey is about 15 kilometers more or less.

As we discussed above, the Greenway of Campo de Cartagena it separates la Mazarrón greenway in La Pinilla, specifically in his rest area. At this fork, the Mazarrón greenway It is to the left, being able to appreciate, a long path in a straight direction. The landscape that we find in this area is dry land, although certain almond trees abound that give that touch of color.

After about 1 km of travel, both the terrain and the landscape change, now the path is not flat, but descending through the Sierra del Algarrobo, where you can admire the beauty and diversity of nature. We find areas of pine forests, esparto, scrub, olive, almond and carob trees, as well as panoramic views where you can see the entire area.

Thus, the Sierra del Algarrobo is bordered until reaching the municipality of Mazarrón, hence there is a great change in the landscape on this route, going from arid areas in the interior of the region of Murcia, to the colorful landscapes offered by the Sierra of San Cristobal.

Comment that in the Saladillo, there is a perfect rest area to gather strength and be able to continue on the road.

Almendricos Greenway

La Almendricos greenway It receives this name, because it begins at the Almendricos railway station, which belongs to Lorca.

The length of this section of road is about 7 kilometers, reaching the limits with the Province of Almería. At this point, you can continue the route for another 12 kilometres, following the section of the Almanzora greenway until you reach the town of Huércal Overa. This is one of the easy hiking trails in Murcia, for those who are just starting out in hiking.

This   Almendricos greenway passes through trenches, fruit-bearing areas (especially orangejos), Aleppo pines, olive trees….surrounding the Sierra de Enmedio, from which you can see its esparto grass peaks. It is ideal to do this route in spring and enjoy the aroma of the orange blossom. As you can see, the path is full of contrasts, as well as old wells, farmhouses and cisterns.

Now that you know all about the greenways region of Murcia and you know the characteristics of the 4, you just need to decide which of them is going to be the first to start!

We are waiting for you in Hotel Atrio del Mar so that after your route, you come to rest.

Nice trail among pine trees along one of the greenways in the Murcia region.
Copyright © Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism and Sports. Institute of Tourism, https://www.viasverdesregiondemurcia.es/, consulted on March 7, 2022.

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