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Graffiti Los Alcazares

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Graffiti Los Alcazares

For all of you who are graffiti lovers, this post is especially for you, and for this reason we ask you a question: Did you know that southeast of Spain, in the region of Murcia, we can find urban art in los Alcázares? Yes, in this town that is located in the center of the Mar Menor, which has 16.590 inhabitants and is the youngest municipality in Murcia (only 28 years old) and at the same time the oldest population center in the Mar Menor (it has more 800 years old), is one of the urban art museums largest in Spain that are worth visiting: Graffiti Los Alcazares.

And… how do I start everything? In 2013, the initiative of the Mario Company and the City Council, of the project of Los Alcázares urban art  "El Pueblo Pintado", with which some facades of the town began to be painted with graffiti, to the point that various festivals have been celebrated. In these events, great graffiti artists participate in the party with music and urban art, leaving their own mark on the walls of the town.

Artists come not only from Spain, but also from the rest of Europe, Africa and even America, who leave works of art on the walls of Los Alcázares. These use innumerable spray cans, liters of paint and time to leave the exterior walls as magnificent outdoor paintings that can be admired by passers-by, and all this thanks to the fact that many inhabitants of the town give up the walls of their houses, garages , business…so that this precious Los Alcázares urban art museum Keep growing. To this day, many of the works have become identifying elements of the town's urban landscape.

So, thanks to Mar Menor urban art festival, the streets of Los Alcázares have become masterpieces of contemporary artists that we can enjoy 365 days a year. On these walls you can see a wide variety of styles such as: Wild Style, Icons, Model Pastel, Tags, Tags with Outlines, Dirty... in which you can see graffiti that shows hyper-realism, social criticism, legends, stories... thus calling the everyone's attention and making us stop to analyze these works, to discover what their creator wanted to convey. Graffiti Los Alcazares It is a museum that is always open, so you can come and visit it whenever you want, you will love it!

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Graffiti Los Alcázares: lying child

Murcia urban art route

As we have told you before, graffiti Los AlcazaresIs a  urban art museum very important in Spain, in addition to being one of the largest we have in our country, since it has nothing more and nothing less than 150 incredible murals, worth seeing. Some of his best known artists are: Lobo López, Pichi&Avo, Mohamed L'Ghacham, Nels, Willy Arenas, Goyo 23, Trapezista, LACDM, Raul Estal, Carlos Callizo, Jorge Pina, Sabotage to Assembly, Casassola…

Also comment that all the works that exist have been carried out thanks to the different projects and festivals that have been held in this municipality since 2013. 

East street art and graffiti that can be admired in the Alcázares, is of great quality not only because of the great artists who have participated in its elaboration, but also because of the techniques used, giving rise to one of the main open-air museums in urban art from Spain. For this reason, we think it is of great interest to publicize this urban art route Murcia. 

Now yes, we are ready to walk around and go through all the paintings of the reference street art los alcázaresSo, keep reading.

We give you two options: that you do the Los Alcázares urban art route that we propose, or that you follow the free guided tour of the City Council Department of Tourism.  

We start with the latter, the town hall, as we have mentioned before, is in charge of carrying out guided visits to the urban art museum de los Alcázares, being the meeting point at the Municipal Sports Center (Avda. Joaquín Blume) at 10 in the morning. The duration of the route is approximately 2 hours, traveling about 3 km and being accessible to everyone. In it you can visit the murals of these artists:

  • Fact
  • Piratroska
  • Ze Carrion
  • the fool the boat
  • Gomez
  • Dale Grimshaw
  • man-o-matic
  • Facte+Jorge Pina

For all those who wish to sign up, you have to call the number: 968 575 756 or register on the web: www.murciaturistica.es

Also tell you that for years the Department of Tourism has organized guided bicycle tours known as urban art bike routes, to show this fantastic open-air museum. Ask for them on the phone that we have left you upstairs.

The second option we give you is to do the Los Alcázares urban art route freely. We recommend this route: we start on the promenade, specifically in Playa de las Palmeras with a mural that is dedicated to the Mar Menor. We continue along Playa del Espejo and take Santa Ana street where we will see a huge mural that occupies an entire building, in it we can admire the sea, some islands, a family, a mermaid and Jesús Calleja himself from behind (from the program Volando Voy), and this painting was made  during the recording of one of the program's episodes. This mural vindicates the Mar Menor, makes us see that we have to save him.

We continue our way and head to Avenida de la Libertad, where we can see a most original mural, a child hanging from some ropes with clothespins. From here take the street  Rodríguez de Almela and you will arrive at some tennis courts, there you will see that there is a long wall with different square paintings that deal with themes such as love, peace, calm…

We then headed to Las Arenas street where there is another painting on a building in the park. Once seen, we go to Avenida Joaquín Blume, where in a building we can see a most curious planetary painting. Next to here is the municipal sports center, where there are several murals of various sizes and styles.

Also, in front of the sports center, on Juan Ramón Jiménez and Dr. Rafael streets, there are several Graffiti Los Alcazares must to see. At this point, we are now going to go to the car park on Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente street, where a fabulous mural of a lion on a black background awaits us, looking straight ahead next to a koala, an elephant and an African woman in the center. Right next door, in the same building, we come across other paintings, one of a gorilla and a koala, and another with a text that talks about the problem of deforestation and in which a gorilla appears, trying to stop a machine that he is cutting down trees. Nearby, on Liberty Avenue, there is another painting, in this case of a woman.

Also, in the car park on Calle Andalucía, there is another graffiti, this time paying homage to the Spanish Military Hydroaviation and a little further on there are other paintings, among which the face of an African child stands out.

From here we go back to the seafront promenade, stopping on Calle de la Feria to admire the beautiful mural of an African woman on a black background and green leaves on her head and surrounding her. At this point, we end this free tour of the Los Alcázares urban art museum in which we hope you enjoy these wonderful murals, many of which hide a message behind that you have to discover! The murals of this town in Murcia do not go unnoticed, so pay us a visit and see them for yourself.

Urban art murals Murcia, in the town of Los Alcázares.

Urban art artist Los Alcázares

Graffiti for some is a form of vandalism, while for others it is a form of popular art. Known as street art or urban art, it emerged in the 80s and what it has always wanted to achieve is to create a relationship between the city and its inhabitants. Currently, urban art has become a phenomenon that has reached the most important galleries in the world, becoming part of the culture of many cities such as Bristol (with the work of Banksy), Berlin (with the tribute to freedom on the Berlin Wall), Colonia, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Madrid... and now even in this coastal town on the Mar Menor, where the aurban art artist Los Alcázares.

on the route of graffiti Los Alcazares You will see impressive works of art that you will not be able to pass by, staying for minutes in front of them admiring them. Most of these paintings have been made by national graffiti artists, among them, stands out Mario's company. This is an artistic association, made up of about 70 neighborhood artists, mainly from Los Alcázares.

Another of the artists who has participated in some edition of the street art festival from Los Alcázares is Raúl Muñoz Casassola, better known by his second surname. This graffiti artist is from Madrid and says that since he was a child he was attracted to urban movements such as graffiti. He began his career in Talavera de la Reina where he began his studies in artistic ceramics, and in 2011 he returned to Madrid, where he began his studies in Fine Arts at the Complutense University. He is always in continuous training, focusing on an aesthetic closer to classical and figurative art, touching on humanistic, social, sentimental themes.

Casassola has participated, and continues to do so, in numerous exhibitions and urban art projects, not only nationally, but also internationally.

The graffiti artist Mohamed L'Ghacham has also participated in the urban art museum of this town. This artist from Mataró (Barcelona) was born in 1993 in Tangier and from high school he became interested in graffiti. Currently, his large murals represent scenes of everyday life, but with an impressionist style and we can admire them not only in Spain, but also in Italy, the United States or France.

Many have been the graffiti artists who have participated in the creation of this beautiful urban art museum in the open air, making this municipality in the region of Murcia a benchmark not only at the regional level, but also nationally in the panorama of  urban art.

Urban artists creators of Los Alcázares graffiti

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